On The Issues

Illegal Immigration

As a co-sponsor who helped write SB1070, Arizona's iconic 2010 anti-illegal immigration law, Kavanagh has been on the forefront of the battle against illegal immigration for over 16 years. This year, Kavanagh is the prime sponsor of the bill to budget $150 million for border walls and security. Kavanagh has voted for every anti-illegal immigration bill at the legislature over the past 16 years.

Tax Cuts

Nobody knows how to spend your money better than you. Kavanagh has voted for every tax cut while in office and was a cosponsor of the current historic law that lowered Arizona's personal income tax to a flat 2.5%.
Kavanagh's goal is to eliminate Arizona's personal income tax to put more money in your pocket and create more jobs and economic growth.


Kavanagh is a pro-life legislator who believes that abortion should only be available when necessary to save the life of the mother, should the mother so choose.

For the past 16 years, has Kavanagh worked closely with the Center for Arizona policy to advance pro-family and pro-life legislation and to provide alternatives to abortion.

Critical Race Theory

As a retired police officer with 20 years of service, Kavanagh knows that the police are not systemically racist and in fact or a force for good in our society. Kavanagh has cosponsored or supported all of the anti-critical race theory legislation that was passed out about legislature this session and able to continue to fight this divisive and corrosive policy.

School Choice

Even liberal think tanks admit that competition improve the performance of schools. Charter schools and giving parents vouchers to use even in private schools enhances competition and makes everybody perform better to compete for students. In addition it allows parents to pick the right choice for their students.
Kavanagh has voted for every school choice bill that came before the legislature during the past 16 years.

The 2nd Amendment

Kavanagh has a lifetime National Rifle Association rating of A+, the highest rating that anyone can earn.
Kavanagh earned that A+ rating because not only does he vote for all pro-second amendment bills but he has also sponsored some of them.


Vaccine and Mask Mandates

Kavanagh opposes vaccine and mask mandates related to COVID-19. The science never supported masks as being an effective tool to control COVID-19 and, in fact, it may have made the situation worse for some, especially children. Regarding vaccination mandates, the government has no business telling people what they must inject into their bodies.


Kavanagh believes that political correctness has run amok within the Democrat Party and in many of our universities, schools and institutions. Kavanagh believes that there are only two biological sexes and that they should be segregated in restrooms, locker rooms and public showers. In addition, Kavanagh does not believe that biological males who believe they are female (so-call transgendered females) should be allowed to compete on female sports teams.

Election Integrity

The last election uncovered serious problems with our election system in Arizona and even more so elsewhere in the United States. We need massive reform and greater transparency.

As chairman of the Arizona House Government and Elections committee Kavanagh passed out over a dozen election reform bills and wrote a few myself to make our elections more transparent and that correct many of the problems that have been uncovered.